Our Management team, offering a full management service for landlords.

With over 5 years of management experience, Our Management teams have been managing over 25 properties within London, Kent, Birmingham and Yorkshire area.

  • Arrangement of all Flat Management functions and negotiation of contracts.
  • Supervision of building works
  • Supervision of contracts covering gardening, cleaning and day to day management
  • Regular site visits
  • Liaison with residents on all matters
  • Dealing with assignments and notices  

An inventory of contents, including a schedule of condition of the property, is recommended. If required this will be prepared by an independent Inventory Clerk or by us. An inventory check will take place at the termination of the tenancy and any dilapidations found by the Inventory Clerk will be noted and assessed and reported to us or to you directly. All Inventory Agents will be instructed by you, either directly, or through ourselves, and their invoices will be for your account. We cannot enter into disputes with the tenant over dilapidations where there has been no proper inventory check in or out.

If you have a residential rental investment property we are here to help. We can provide you with a full management service, you may need to find your perspective tenant, or you may already have your tenant in place, what-ever the circumstances we are here to assist.

We will also arrange your contracts, incoming inventory and settling your new clients into their home.

We will collect rental payments and issues account to you by monthly, bimonthly or quarterly what-ever is more suitable by you. Overseas landlords are our specialty. The day to day running of your property including maintenance or any improvement required would be completely carried out by us. 

Our fees are variable depending on the works you require us to do, Negotiation on this are always discussed.

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